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About Us

Our Story

Our family orientated business has been in the Infrastructure industry for over 4 generations.  Sabi Group was established in 2004, our team has over 100 years combined experience. We thrive on safety, customer satisfaction and efficiency.  Our team has completed various challenges throughout the years in various ground conditions and in various sectors all across Canada. Please see some examples listed below.


01. Strathroy Wind Farms 

Installed 4.2km of 4x 200mm HDPE hydro conduit

02. Nova Scotia Gas Build

Installed 2.8km of 200mm steel gas pipe


Currently installing 60km of fibre. 40km installed within 60 days.


04.Durham College

Geothermal Installation

05. Community Housing project

Installed watermains across various community housing projects in Toronto and London. 

06. York Durham Line forced sewer

Installed 7.4km of 150mm conduit in rock/shale ground conditions