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HORZONTAL DRILLING – Trench-less Technology

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) efficiently bores through most ground conditions. HDD has the ability to drill precisely to end point, thus preserving site integrity. Recovery is minimal. Our own hydrovac trucks work in conjunction with our drills, accurately locating existing utilities. This saves our customers time and money. Our hydrovac trucks are powerful and state of the art; our operators are eager to get the job done safely and efficiently. We provide extra hose for hard to reach places. Applications include drilling under riverbeds, under busy highways, under train tracks, and under busy urban centres that are congested with an abundance of existing utilities. HDD is the responsible choice in these and many other cases, as it leaves sensitive environments in tact and results in very minimal disruptions to life in busy urban centres ad on roadways.

Sabi Thorne is your #1 choice in areas that are environmentally sensitive as well as the roughest of terrain including challenging rock jobs.
Our service Horizontal Directional Drilling benefit municipal infrastructure such as:

  • Gas Pipeline
  • Telecommunications: Fibre, hydro, cable and fire optics
  • Hydro: lighting and security
  • Infrustructure: Watermain and sewer
  • Road and railways
  • LNG Site Development
  • Draining and irrigation
  • Private Property / Farms


Hydrovac uses a water and vacuum system to break up the earth creating a site pit in order to safety expose utility services for tie-ins (this is called daylighting). Its minimal site requirements are great for areas with limited access. Hydrovac trucks can also excavate frozen Earth. The approach results in a clean, less disruptive, quick and precise method of excavation that saves both time and money. It is an efficient and cost-effective way to dig for electrical pole holes, fence poles, signs and foundations. Hydrovac services can make hard work seem effortless.

Our Hydrovac Services benefit municipal INFRASTRUCTURE, such as:

  • Hydro
  • Cable and Fibre Optic Telecommunications
  • Lighting and Security
  • Water main and Sewer
  • Road and Railways
  • Gas Pipeline
  • Draining and Irrigation
  • Private Property
  • Farms and Rural