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Environmental Policy

Sabi Throne is COR certified striving to minimize its impact on the biophysical environment. In fact, HDD is often the desired method with their infrastructure services due to its low environmental impact. We aim to continuously find new ways to reduce the quantity of inputs (material and energy) and negative outputs (emissions). At Sabi Thorne we are proud of our achievements in terms of our environmental footprint and consider them to be part of our commitment to excellence.



Sabi Thorne’s environmental policy calls for:


  • Environmentally safe protocols for the workers and the public
  • Operating procedures that maximize the use of benign processes while minimizing emissions associated with chemical use. The prevention of pollution guides all project decisions and will always be the preferred option.
  • Continual improvements in operations and emergency preparedness with increasing sensitivity to environmental issues
  • Identifying relevant safety and environmental requirements that are consistently met
  • The development of an environmental management system through which environmental goals, objectives, and targets are established
Operating with minimal disruption to existing infrastructure and a commitment to both low environmental impact and client profitability makes Sabi Thorne an ideal choice for customers wishing to follow a triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) approach.